VPN Remote Access to PLC's, HMI's, etc.

Easy Remote Access using eWON

Eliminate the need to travel on site and troubleshoot your equipment using a secure VPN connection

  • Firewall Friendly
  • Easy Setup
  • Secure VPN Connection

Choose your PLC and get live





"We save 50 to 60% of supports cost thanks to the eWON"

MAAC’s Director of Technical Services, Leslie Adams

According to Mr. Adams, « The communications provided by an eWON VPN router is simply incredible. Using an internet connection we can connect to machine from just about anywhere.We have established secure VPN connections with our machines in Calgary, Minnesota, North Carolina and Montreal in the past few weeks alone. As long as the customer has an internet connection – we’re good to go. It eliminates the need for any kind of special interface.»

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