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Remote service with eWON maximizes CO2 system availability

Since opening its new remote service facility in September 2011, Pentair Haffmans serves more customers and even faster than before. Pentair Haffmans meets the needs of customers who require a secure tool to reduce downtime and operating costs in means of remote maintenance.

Remote service is performed from a control center via a data connection line and it instantly puts Pentair Haffmans’ experts in connection with carbon dioxide recovery systems and biogas upgrading installations worldwide.

« Remote service has become an integral part of our Service Level Agreements » said Paul Verschuren, Product Manager Service at Pentair Haffmans. « If requested by the customer, the CO2 recovery system is equipped with a web-based eWON-router. In case of questions or technical issues, the remote service enables us to gain a direct and detailed insight into the plant performance to identify the cause of the problem. This offers great benefits for both sides, including a very fast response time. »

Reliable service to schedule preventive maintenance

However, remote service is more than a tool to troubleshoot performance issues. It is a reliable service to schedule preventive maintenance – an aspect that is becoming increasingly important. Pentair Haffmans sells and services its products in more than 150 countries worldwide. Based on many years of experience in the area of CO2 management, the company’s professional service team has gathered extensive knowledge in the complexity of servicing and maintaining CO2 plants. An increasing number of customers take advantage of this vast knowledge.
« Remote service enables us to follow the performance of a CO2 system, no matter where it is located » Verschuren explained. « If we diagnose a deteriorating parameter, we are able to intervene before a system failure occurs. Moreover, if parts have to be exchanged, Pentair Haffmans ensures a fast availability of high-quality original spare parts. All of this contributes to increased uptimes and the lowest total cost of ownership.»

Remote service, data monitoring, data trending...

Pentair Haffmans continuously strives to offer its customers a « best of the best » service standard through customized service plans. This includes services from maintenance contracts to comprehensive service level agreements including remote service, data monitoring, data trending, stock consulting, and 24/7 technical support.

Reliable, secure connectivity

With its Talk2M service, eWON makes remote support, maintenance & services across Internet as simple and straighforward as dialing an old landline modem.

On request or permanently, eWON makes a secure VPN connection to the Talk2M web server. On the other side, the user also makes a secure VPN connection to the same server, by signing in to the Talk2M service. This server interconnects the two VPN tunnels. Only authenticated users can connect to their eWON routers. Once a user is connected using ‘eCatcher’ and signed in, a single click is all that is required to establish communication with the chosen remote site.

Connecting to a remote location via mobile phone networks is just as straightforward. An eWON router containing an embedded GPRS or EDGE modem can either be permanently connected to Talk2M or can be remotely activated to establish a Talk2M VPN session, by sending it a SMS text message.


• Lower total cost of ownership
• Increase machines uptime
• Fast diagnosis and troubleshooting
• Direct contact with maintenance experts


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