Industrial Connectivity made Secure and Easy

From remote troubleshooting to data collection from the factory floor, Ewon’s solutions have shown that successful remote connectivity to a machine has fast ROI across all industries.
Ewon Routers  

For the Machine Builder


Hire the right set of skills, focus on your core activities and get rid of the burdens of developing and implementing an IIoT solution. Our global ecosystem has the resources, know-how and commitment to help you succeed. Our partners are technical experts whose solutions have helped many companies, along with their digital transformation. They certainly have what you are looking for and even more.

I'm a Machine Builder
Ewon Routers  

For the Factory Owner


Get the right support when you need it and unfold all the benefits of a connected factory. Although the IIoT market is booming about half of all IIoT deployments are failing. Often, organizations overlook the gathering of support and cooperation from internal and external experts. HMS’ trusted partners are resourceful. They analyze, consult, integrate, build, provide, and sell value-generating solutions. No matter what you undertake, our ecosystem has your back.

I'm a Factory Owner
Industrial Routers

Ewon Industrial Routers for Easy and Secure Connectivity

Enjoy the benefits of on-demand remote access, collect and aggregate industrial operations data locally or centrally in the cloud.
Your machine portal

Web Dashboard: M2Web

The free white label web portal of Talk2M providing secure mobile access to your remote HMI, web server, PC and panels.
Remote Access VPN client

Smart VPN Client: Ewon eCatcher

The Talk2M Remote Connectivity software enabling you to connect within a high secure environment to all your devices.
Connectivity as a Service

Industrial Cloud: Ewon Talk2M

Discover Talk2M, a scalable, reliable, and fully redundant Industrial Cloud.