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Free+ or PRO? Choose your service

Choose between our Talk2M FREE+ solution and our Talk2M PRO version according to your needs. The table on this page will help you make the best choice.

Talk2M Free+ & PRO

Talk2M FREE+

Talk2M PRO


PricingFREEYearly Fee
Unlimited no. of users and devicesYESYES
No. of M2WEB sessions3unlimited
No. of concurrent eCatcher connections13+
Monthly bandwidth1 GB6 GB+
Advanced user and device managementNOYES
Wake-up/Alarm SMS per month050
SLA (99,6% availability, 4h max. consecutive downtime)NOYES
Additional Traffic, SMS, Concurrent connectionN/AYES
DatamailboxUp to 500.000 points per monthUp to 3.000.000 points per month


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Secure Remote Access - To go free or Go Subscription?


So you have started using the award winning Secure Remote Access product from eWON, the Cosy or the Flexy, and now you are wondering what connection package might be right for you? Here, we'll try to break down the key differences between the free connection software, Talk2M Free+, and the annual subscription software, Talk2M Pro.

First things first, what is Talk2M? Talk2M is the cloud-based connection service that allows you to securely connect to your remotely deployed eWON devices. By utilizing the Talk2M connection service with an account for your organization, you are able to program and troubleshoot your machine's PLCs remotely, just like you are there. You can monitor your installation by accessing your HMI, PC, IP Camera, device web pages, etc. using Talk2M's client software eCatcher.

Talk2M Free+ comes as part of your eWON purchase package but you may deploy it differently depending on your responsibilities. Whether it is the Free+ version or the Pro version, for a machine builder, you’ll want to set up 1 account for your organization and then set up users within that account for each of your engineers.

Got it? Great. Now when should you consider Talk2M Free+ vs. Talk2M Pro?

For your standard eWON Cosy or Flexy usage, some key differences:

  • Number of concurrent users
  • Data usage per month
  • Advanced user and device management
  • Service level agreement (SLA)

Let's look at ecah in a little more details:

Number of concurrent users: 

Each time someone from your organization logs into their account and connects to an eWON remote access device they establish what is called eCatcher VPN Connection.  In a Free+ account, only 1 eCatcher VPN connection can be established at a time.  This might not ever be a big deal if you only have 1 or 2 engineers.  In the most basic level of the Pro Version though, you can have 3 engineers logged on concurrently and build from there if you want to add more.

eWON also has a mobile platform, which allows users to access their web servers, VNC enabled HMIs or remote desktop enabled PCs from their smartphone or tablet.  M2Web is browser based, so as a user you simply navigate to, enter your credentials and chose the device you want to access. With a Free+ account you get 3 concurrent connections via M2Web. Talk2M Pro gives you unlimited M2Web connections.

Data usage per month:

Data is the sum of all data volume between you, the remote engineer, and the eWON device. Typically, for industrial automation applications the 1GB amount that comes with the free version is enough, but the Pro version jumps you all the way up to 6GB per account. 

Advanced user and device management: 

In reviewing everything, this is the most important one to think about in organizations with 2+ remote engineers. In Talk2M Pro, your company’s administrator can set up groups of users, devices, and groups of devices. With this you get the ability to grant access for an engineer or group of engineers to connect to either: 

  1. all eWONs you have deployed
  2. eWONs at a certain customer site, or 
  3. only specific devices connected to an eWON. This provides a level of granularity throughout your organization to grant access to only what each user requires. Many machine builders and end users find comfort in this as it gets away from the “world is your oyster” access to everything model.

 Note: – if you are a System Integrator and setting this up for an end user so they can remotely access their own equipment, this too is very valuable. If they have a team of engineers, they may only want certain ones to access certain machines or parts of the plants.  Pro makes this feasible while Free+ gives them access to all the eWONs deployed in the master account.


While the experience has been excellent regarding connectivity (eWON hosts more than 25 servers spread throughout the globe), with the Talk2M Pro you connect to servers with an annual availability of 99.6% and a Service Level Agreement, an SLA. This is nice to have if you are accustomed to SLAs but again, the standard service is incredibly reliable.


Common Questions


Can I start with Talk2M Free+ and upgrade to Talk2M Pro if I decided we are ready?  

 Yes, absolutely. Your organization’s account administration can request an account upgrade in the account section of their login. Under Credit & Contract there is an option to “learn more about Talk2M PRO”, and from there you can request the upgrade (Part number TM50041).


What about Security?  

 Security is for everybody! Both Free and Pro benefit from 2 Factor Authentication. However, Pro admin can fine-tune some settings to their best performance.


What is the status of Talk2M FREE+?  

Talk2M Free+ is excellent and reliable service with multiple servers around the world and has already enabled 9 Million VPN connections in more than 10 years and keep growing fast.


What happens if my data traffic is exceeding the limit?  

Accounts exceeding the allocated monthly bandwidth (1 GB Free / 6 GB Pro) are subject to data throttling (Free) or overage charges (Pro).


Can I expend my Talk2M Pro plan?

Talk2M PRO plan cover the needs of most typical applications for Machine Builder, System Integrator, OEM etc… Nevertheless, if for some reasons you need additional concurrent connections, data traffic, SMS, you can order additional yearly fee package including 1 additional concurrent connection with 2 GB data traffic (part number: TM50042)


How can I see my usage and re-fill my Talk2M Pro account?

Every month the Talk2M administrator receive by email a complete connection report and the status account balance. These information can also be accessible in real-time in eCatcher/Account. When the credit is becoming low, you need to re-fill your account by ordering Part Number: TM500142.


What's a concurrent eCatcher connection?

The number of concurrent eCatcher connection is the number of simultaneous connection (VPN seat) between an user and a device. With the Talk2M PRO, three engineers can establish an eCatcher connection at the same time.


How to upgrade and order Talk2M PRO?

Only the FREE+ account administrator has the authority to request Talk2M Pro upgrade. Go to eCatcher in the Account section. Under Credit & Contract click on "learn more about Talk2M PRO". From there, you have the ability to request the upgrade.


I have several Talk2M Free accounts, can I merge all into a single TalK2M pro account? 

Yes, you can merge all your Talk2M Free account into a single TalK2M Pro account using eCatcher.



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