Talk2M Plans & Pricing

Free+ or PRO? Choose your service

Choose between our Talk2M FREE+ solution and our Talk2M PRO version according to your needs. The table on this page will help you make the best choice.

Talk2M Free+ & PRO

Talk2M FREE+

Talk2M PRO


PricingFREEYearly Fee
Unlimited no. of users and devicesYESYES
No. of M2WEB sessions3unlimited
No. of concurrent eCatcher connections13+
Monthly bandwidth1 GB6 GB+
Advanced user and device managementNOYES
Wake-up/Alarm SMS per month050
SLA (99,6% availability, 4h max. consecutive downtime)NOYES
Additional Traffic, SMS, Concurrent connectionN/AYES
DatamailboxUp to 500.000 points per monthUp to 3.000.000 points per month


Common Questions


How Talk2M FREE+ doing?  

Talk2M Free+ is a good and reliable service with multiple servers around the world and has already enabled 3 Million connections in 8 year and keep growing fast.


What happens if my data traffic is exceeding the limit?  

Accounts exceeding the allocated monthly bandwidth (1 GB Free / 6 GB Pro) are subject to data throttling (Free) or overage charges (Pro).


What's a concurrent eCatcher connection?

The number of concurrent eCatcher connection is the number of simultaneous connection (VPN seat) between an user and a device. With the Talk2M PRO, three engineers can establish an eCatcher connection at the same time.


How is computed the data traffic? 

The data traffic is the sum of all the data volume transferred between you and your remote device (eCatcher traffic, email relay, M2U traffic,...).  Except in intensive video usage, the plan quota is quite enough.


How to upgrade and order Talk2M PRO?

Only the FREE+ account administrator has the authority to request Talk2M Pro upgrade. Go to eCatcher in the Account section. Under Credit & Contract click on "learn more about Talk2M PRO". From there, you have the ability to request the upgrade. Once the form is filled, you will receive a confirmation email with your account details. You can forward this email to your local eWON distributor and order the part number TM50041 with the reference of your Talk2M Free account xxxxxx-xx. You will received within 3 business days a confirmation message for Talk2M Pro activation.


Can I expend my Talk2M Pro plan?

Talk2M PRO plan cover needs of most typical applications for Machine Builder, System Integrator, OEM,… Nevertheless, if for some reasons, you go above the quota – need additional concurrent connection, data traffic, SMS an additional fee will be charged and reported on your monthly report.. You can order additional yearly fee package including 1 additional conc. connection with 2 GB data traffic (part number: TM50042).


How can I see my usage and re-fill my Talk2M Pro account?

Every month the Talk2M administrator receive by email a complete connection report and the status account balance. These information can also be accessible in real-time in eCatcher/Account. When the credit is becoming low, you need to re-fill your account by ordering Part Number: TM500141.


I have several Talk2M Free accounts, can I merge all into a single TalK2M pro account? 

Yes, you can merge all your Talk2M Free account into a single TalK2M Pro account. This feature is available in eCatcher 4.3.