Industrial VPN router with alarms and datalogging functions

The eWON CD industrial routers provide Machine Builders and OEMs, Utility Managers and System Integrators dual LAN/Modem connectivity router to access remote machines and assets through the Internet.

Why choosing eWON CD?

Firewall Friendly

The eWON 2005 CD or 4005 CD uses an outbound connection across the factory LAN (HTTPS port 443 or UDP 1194). No IT/firewall changes are needed to establish communication. A key asset that your IT team will appreciate!

High Security

All connections run through industry standard VPN protocols to guarantee a safe and secure connection that prevents network intrusions.

More questions about security? eWON developped a managed, hybrid, layered cyber security approach to protect its devices, network and most importantly, its customers's industrial systems. Discover how security is a core competency fully integrated at every level within the framework of our solution.

Wireless Connectivity

WiFi and cellular modems allow Internet connectivity while avoiding a connection on the factory/corporate LAN network. They offer free access, high bandwidth, easy deployment (no cabling) and facilitates secure network management.

Data Services

The eWON 2005 CD/4005 CD is an industrial VPN router with alarming and data logging functions. The eWON CD is even programmable. Discover more in the eWON data services section.

All data services


Web based configuration

All the data services are easily set up by eWON web page configuration. No external software or programming tools are required to configure and build your eWON 2005 CD or 4005 CD solution. You can set up alarming, data logging and data retrieval by HTTPS services in just a few hours!