Securely connect to your machines, from anywhere, when it matters

Ewon offers the ability to troubleshoot your machines remotely without going on-site, drastically reducing support costs and improving machine uptime.

Security without compromising convenience

Security without compromising convenience


Our motto is “Secure and Easy”. Every aspect of our solution optimizes security while ensuring that our product is easy to use for the mass market. No special IT configuration tools or command-line skills needed here.

End-to-end Remote Access Solution

Full end-to-end remote access solution


Along with our routers, our solution includes a desktop VPN client, mobile VPN client, and VPN cloud-service all free of charge! These components are designed to work together and create a seamless connectivity experience for your engineers. 

Flexible Industrial Remote Access Solution

Flexible solutions that suit all environments


We have a variety of routers to fit your connectivity needs. Have a hard-wired Ethernet connection in your factory? Need WiFi connectivity? Installing in a remote site with only cellular service? We have you covered. Compare all versions of Cosy.

A new Standard for Industrial Remote Access

Industrial Remote Access: the Cosy 131 within Ewon's connectivity ecosystem. 
Our solution focuses on machine builders who want to stay competitive. In order to stay competitive, our machine builders are obsessed with optimizing every aspect of their operations. The combination of our Cosy gateways with Talk2M, the first Secure Industrial Cloud, enables our customers to connect with their machines wherever they are deployed.

  • Reduce operational costs: by installing a Cosy on every machine, our customers have reported significant savings in their operational costs due to three factors. First, there is a direct savings from no longer needing to travel on-site for support. Secondly, engineers report a much higher “fix on first visit” ratio thanks to being able to remotely troubleshoot support issues. Finally, remote access allows engineers to deploy and integrate their machines faster and meet tight end user deadlines.

  • Expand your business: thanks to Cosy, our customers can now support expansion into new markets and reduce distance boundaries. A local machine builder in Germany can easily deploy and support customers in Vietnam, without worrying about the hassle of travel. Geographic boundaries are a thing of the past. By leveraging the connectivity solutions of Ewon, machine builders can scale operations without needing to add more engineers to their team.

  • Keep everybody happy: remote access solutions translate to rapid issue resolution for your customer. Less downtime and faster return to full production helps improve your customer experience and loyalty. But remote access solutions also benefit your employees. By allowing your valued engineers to remotely troubleshoot issues, they will stay passionate, committed, and happy to work at your company.

Key features of the Ewon Cosy 131 Router

Easier than Easy

  • Quick setup wizard
  • Works out-of-the-box with all major PLC/HMI brands and USB enabled devices
  • Machine (PLC) can be kept operational during installation
  • Easy to commission without local connection

No Hidden Costs

  • FREE VPN client for desktop & mobile
  • Included VPN cloud access
  • Unlimited number of machines & users

IT Approved

  • Exclusive outbound connection for high security
  • Two-factor authentication, audit trail & network segregation
  • Remote access can be controlled (on/off) by end-user with an external key switch
  • ISO27001 and STAR Certificate approved

High Availability

  • 25+ servers spread worldwide to for always-ready Remote Access
  • Easily add Ewon Cosy devices and users to your account
  • Configurable SMS and Email notification for pro-active maintenance
  • Secondary WAN interface for backup Internet Connectivity

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Thiele calls on Ewon and optimized its operations thanks to the Cosy 131

"Since we started to use Ewon, we saved nearly 150 trips to customers!"

Josh Larson - Thiele Technologies

Curious to see how our solution can benefit your organization? Request a demo and our experts will contact you.

Compare the different Versions of Ewon Cosy Routers

Cosy 131

EC61330 EC6133C EC6133D EC6133G EC6133H EC6133F


LAN / WAN Check Check Check Check Check
Wifi Check
Cellular 3G Check Check Check Check
Cellular 4G EU Check
Cellular 4G NA Check
Cellular 4G APAC Check



CE, cULus listed,


CE, cULus listed,


CE, cULus listed,

FCC, Giteki

CE, cULus listed FCC, cULus listed Giteki, cULus listed

Ewon Cosy 131, proven on the factory floor with: 


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