VIPA Teleservice

Remote maintenance, remote control and alarm management

The eWON Cosy offers a powerful teleservice solution for the VIPA PLC range. It offers OEM's and machine builders, with easy secure remote access across the Internet, for maintenance and support.

The eWON industrial routers enable a simple and secure communication with your machines and facility installations worldwide.

  • Direct integration with the PLC programming software
  • Alarms management on PLC variables
  • Notification via SMS, e-mail, FTP or trap SNMP
  • Data logging for diagnosis purposes
  • Remote access router for dial-in and Internet connections
  • Secure VPN connection over the Internet



PLC support

PLC type/nameMPIISOTCP (Ethernet)
System 100V**
System 200V**
System 300V**
System 300S (Speed 7)**