Remote Maintenance Solution for Schneider Electric PLC's

Schneider Electric Collaborative Automation Partner

The eWON Cosy solution is composed of a hardware unit, the eWON Cosy 141 or 131 and Talk2M, a cloud service on the Internet. It allows to perform quick and easy remote maintenance on the Schneider Electric PLC family using the programming software environment SoMachine and UNity.

eWON offers powerful communication features for the Schneider Electric family by supporting various protocols:

  • SoMachine
  • Uni-Telway
  • XIP
  • Modbus RTU
  • Modbus TPC  
Live Demo Schneider Electric PLC & eWON CD

Try eWON and get online with a Modicon TSX Premium

Click on the link below and leave us your details so we can send you your credentials to access almost instantly a live demo with an eWON CD and a Modicon TSX Premium PLC. Experience the use of an eWON through Talk2M by donwloading eCatcher or via M2Web (access the PLC via any web-browser).

Live Demo


PLC support

PLC name typePLC Remote Maintenance
TSX Micro*
TSX Premium*
Pac Drive*