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AMPLIA has been in the market for 14+ years, dedicated to delivering M2M and IoT solutions to many different markets. Our experience and products allows us delivering integrated and scalable managed or hosted solutions where the business need to connect its processes to their machinery and devices.

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CP SISTEMI provides software solutions for production processes, it operates mainly in industrial and advanced services, both in Italy and abroad. Company’s main business is production and integration of supervisory and automation systems, data collection as well as human-machine interfaces. CP SISTEMI operates mainly in sectors like electrical substations, power plants, oil & gas, manufacturing , water , plastic processing, railways and others, where reliability, timeliness and service continuity are main requirements. It implements all project stages, from early analysis to installation, commissioning and after sales technical assistance. CP SISTEMI is composed of highly qualified staff, with significant and positive professional experiences, and carries out complete solutions, thanks to partnerships with Compagnia Progetti (engineering company) and ABR Impianti (electrical and instrumental).


Concord Technologies

Since its inception in year 2006, Concord has established itself as a solution provider with domain specific end-to-end automation and IT solution for the manufacturing, infrastructure, process industry and building/home sectors. Concord Technologies believes in delivering value-added Industrial Automation and related IT services & solutions that consistently meet customer expectations on Quality, Cost and Schedule. All engineering efforts are eventually directed towards helping customers achieve operational excellence.

Their “Vendor Neutral” approach to solutions helps them provide right solution for the requirement and also meet customer expectations on their preferred control systems. Concord has proven track record of delivering services and solutions using best established practices through a competent team of experts and engineers. Client base includes reputed Indian and International organizations.



EXAKOM provides PLUTO Live Report is a REAL TIME DASHBOARD and REPORTING software for the industrial automation market. PLUTO combines all the features to aggregate, archive, calculate, compare, analyze, manage and monitor data from multiple sources in many ways. PLUTO can easily collect and leverage data from RTU, PLC, SCADA systems, Historians but also from EWON products and eSYNC database. Very intuitive and simple it is the best solution to build  energy efficiency and OEE applications, downtime analysis, process management and many more.



M.A.C Solutions UK Limited

M.A.C. Solutions is a specialist provider of Industrial Data Communication, M2M solutions and Change Management solutions for the Process and Automation markets. With offices in both UK and France, M.A.C. Solutions continues to grow, offering customers the experience to Connect, Secure & Analyse their assets and data.

M.A.C. Solutions is the primary eWON distributor in the UK as well as the first partner to develop a 3rd party software utilising eWON technology. Pushing forwards with industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT, M.A.C. Solutions presents Fetch Data Collector and AssetVue M2M cockpit, M.A.C.’s in house solutions for data collection and analysation. 



Located in Ostrava, Czech Republic, Microsys is developing and distributing the Promotic SCADA software since 1991. The PROMOTIC system is a comprehensive development tool used for technological process visualization, monitoring and control, in various industrial branches.

PROMOTIC SCADA includes new preconfigurations allowing very simple setup of communication with eWON devices. It takes just few clicks to establish connectivity between your PROMOTIC SCADA application and eWON hardware.

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SEGNO Industrie Automation

SEGNO Industrie Automation GmbH is a software company with a focus on industrial applications. Here, the focus is in the areas of process control engineering, software development, database systems, MES / ERP integration, automation and remote control technology. The topic of IT security for production facilities is another point in our range of expertise.

We protect our customers investments, because our solutions are based on market and industry standard products worldwide leader. Moreover SEGNO also offers its own software products and solutions that are adapted to specific requirements of our customers and add value to their technical systems.



UVS Industry Solutions bv

UVS Industry Solutions bv is a Dutch company focusing on smart and innovative technical solutions. Our solutions range from asset & maintenance management software to vision systems. IIOT, Smart industry, creating smart factories & smart asset management solutions together with our customers.

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