2014 - Godspeed, BiiON! - 2 awards for the Flexy

Until now, ACTL Group held two companies: eWON and BiiON. This year, Serge Bassem and Pierre Crokaert, co-founders of eWON, decided to let BiiON fly with another company, Sapristic International. A buy-out that allows BiiON to boost the range of services and solutions and to look towards developing its activities, both in Belgium and abroad.

Still in the middle of the year and our 1 year old Flexy has been awarded by 2 leading industrial publications. Mesures Magazine in France awarded the eWON Flexy as an innovative product in the field of industrial communication. The M2M Evolution Magazine in the USA gave eWON Flexy the title of "M2M Product of the Year 2014".

2013 - Hello Asia! Hello Flexy! We've reached 1.000.000 connections.

eWON continued to apply its international growth strategy and expanded its network to Asia, with the opening of a subsidiary in Japan. Within the same year, Talk2M was awarded "Product of the Year" while the company released a world premiere: the first modular industrial router with expansion board, Flexy. 2013, was also the year of the 1.000.000 eWON connections in the world!

2012 - Talk2M Grows

Remote access via Talk2M grows rapidly: with 500 accounts in 2007, Talk2M now has more than 18,000 all over the world. To cope with this growth, new resources have continually been implemented. From a solution based on a single server in 2007, Talk2M has evolved towards a scalable multiple-server architecture able to handle thousands of secure connections simultaneously. Talk2M is awarded Product of the Year 2012 by the reputed Control Engineering Magazine.

Start of 2012 sees also the launch of the eWON Cosy for PLC remote access. This new product combined with Talk2M is designed to replace old modem-based connections and take advantage of the customer’s existing network. 

End of 2012 sees the launch of the eFive, a firewall and VPN appliance for connecting remote sites permanently.

Among 25 Belgian companies, eWON received the "Innovation Trophy" award created by the Group Schumpeter.

2011 - eWON moves to new office premises

Because we grow bigger. Because we needed space and room for new challenges. Because our planet looks better with green buildings. Because we want to serve your business as good as possible.

2010 - eWON sets its sights on the US market and get a lot of awards

The US market is the next step in the company’s international growth strategy. In September 2010, eWON opens a US subsidiary under the name eWON Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA.

So, it sounds about right to receive the "Wallonia Export Award 2010" given by the AWEX which rewards Belgian companies particularly dynamic in foreign countries.

Talk2M and the eWON products also received the "Best Innovative Product in Wireless" award. The technical committee who reviewed the eWON solution outlined the broad flexibility and interoperability of eWON routers.

2010, year of the awards! eWON got a third award for the innovative solutions given by Trends during its Business Tour 2010. 


2009- Innovation Prize 2009 for Talk2M

The Walloon Region Innovation Prize 2009 is awarded to eWON for Talk2M, a new, smart Web-based method for remote access to machines.

2008 – eWON subsidiary established

 To facilitate independent business development, the Board of Directors of ACT'L resolves to establish a subsidiary called eWON sa as a public limited company dedicated to the development and marketing of the eWON product line.   

2006 – Talk2M product launch 

To resolve the problem of secure Internet connection set-up, Talk2M, a web-based remote access platform, is launched successfully in 2006. Talk2M provides secure remote access to machines anytime and anywhere by a single click on an Internet interface while enabling simple configuration schemes for IT novices.

2004 – eWON connectivity improvement

In addition to the initial support for the Modbus RTU/TCP protocol, eWON enhances its PLC connectivity to include the Schneider Uni-Telway / XIP protocol, the Rockwell DF1 / EtherNet/IP protocol, the Siemens MPI / Profibus fieldbus protocol, and the Omron and Mitsubishi PLC protocols.

2003 – eWON wins Innovation award for technology

At the Automation Fair in Paris, ACT'L receives the Innovation award for its eWON product line.

2001 - eWON product range launched

Building on its industrial experience and electronics knowledge, ACT'L launches the eWON 4000, an innovative PLC remote access gateway based on Internet communication.

1993 - Engines ON

Two former university assistants, Serge Bassem and Pierre Crokaert, launch ACT'L from scratch as an electronics and industrial engineering company. The projects acquired in the early days already address infrastructure applications (at that time railway and road infrastructure) and the food and drug industry. The projects involve several areas of expertise, including microprocessor-based custom hardware development and system integration using industrial automation building blocks.