OmronRemote access for Omron PLC

The eWON solution complements the Omron offer to OEM's and machine builders, with easy and secure remote access across the Internet, for maintenance and support.


  • Direct integration with the PLC programming software
  • Support for LAN, cellular and WiFi remote connectivity
  • Secure VPN connection over the Internet
  • Firewall friendly
  • Easy to set up and use 
Live Demo Rockwell Automation PLC & eWON Flexy

Try eWON and get online with a CJ1G PLC

Click on the link below and leave us your details so we can send you your credentials to access almost instantly a live demo with an eWON CD and a CJ1G PLC. Experience the use of an eWON through Talk2M by donwloading eCatcher or via M2Web (access the PLC via any web-browser).

Live Demo



PLC support

 Remote MaintenanceData Collection, Monitoring & Alarms
Over Ethernet* for all Ethernet models (NJ, CP1, CJ, CS, …)*On all FINS Ethernet models (CP1, CJ, CS)
*Extended addressing is supported (FINS feature)
Over Serial* Only to FINS models (CP1, CS, CJ) using eWON's internal FINS driver
* To hostlink native models, using eWON eVCOM utility only
* On all FINS models (CP1, CJ, CS)
Native Hostlink is not supported (CQm1, CPM, C200)