Security is your first Talk2M benefit

ISO27001, an internationally recognized security standard, and STAR (Security Test Audit Report) ensure a high security level within our Talk2M platform.

HMS Security - Graphic with ISO and STAR

ISO27001 certified

A highly demanding Information Security management system (ISMS) for the cloud connectivity platform Talk2M

The ISMS statement of applicability specifies the roles and responsibilities of HMS in managing all aspects of business continuity and security of the Talk2M service

The Talk2M ISMS:

  • Guarantees that all security issues/threats are identified and adequately handled
  • Establishes regulatory compliance and best practice alignment
  • Continuously improves the organizational services
  • Identifies vulnerabilities and security threats



ISO27001 - Vincotte Logo

ISECOM STAR certified

Industrial strength security for the cloud connectivity platform Talk2M

Talk2M security environment is regularly tested to ensure the highest security level of our platform, and to offer the most secure solution to our customers

  • Auditing and penetration testing are performed on the remote connectivity services within Talk2M, including M2Web, eCatcher, and VPN servers
  • Open source testing methodologies such as OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual) and OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) are utilized for full transparency 



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