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Accès distant facile: réduire les coûts de maintenance et optimiser la disponibilité des machines et installations


Données Distantes

Services avancés permettant le suivi des performances et la maintenance prédictive.



Solution prête à l'emploi pour le client final afin de surveiller et contrôler les actifs industriels en ligne


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eWON Cosy supports alarm notifications

mai 03, 2018
HMS Industrial Networks announces that their award-winning Industrial Remote Access router, eWON Cosy, now supports e-mail and SMS notifications. This means that once an alarm fires, Cosy users will be able to understand where and when the issue occurred in their equipment and/or process.

eWON Flexy 205 – The IIoT Gateway for Machine Builders

janv. 08, 2018
HMS Industrial Networks announces the release of its advanced IIoT Gateway and Remote Access router, eWON Flexy205.

eWON Cosy connects machines to the Internet using 4G

mai 03, 2018
HMS Industrial Networks announced today the release of the new 4G LTE (Europe, North America) for its award winning remote access gateway, eWON Cosy. This enables users to access, troubleshoot, program, monitor and control machinery remotely.

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