Talk2M Remote Access VPN Software

eCatcher is the Talk2M remote access software enabling you to manage your Talk2M account and to connect within a high secure environment to all your devices located on the eWON's LAN.


One click to connect

eCatcher allows you to create your Talk2M account and register your eWON devices. Once your Talk2M account is created, eCatcher is your eWON address book and single click access to your remote devices anywhere, anytime. You can create your account, register and administrate your eWONs in full autonomy. No need of any supplier authorization.

Integrated firewalling

Security, visibility and control are keywords for daily remote devices management. Several (pre-configured) integrated firewall levels can be easily set in eCatcher restricting remote access to the devices located on the eWON's LAN. This can be defined without being connected to your eWON.

Powerful User Access Control

eCatcher offers Talk2M Pro users a great possibility to define group of users, pools of eWONs and set their own access rights policy. This option is only granted to Talk2M Pro accounts.

Secure Authentication

In a world where 76% of all breaches involve weak or stolen password, eCatcher offers secure authentication mechanisms to re-inforce device access security. Password enforcement and two-factor authentication policy (a password and a confirmation code sent to your mobile phone) are available within eCatcher. Advanced configuration options (remember this PC, password expiration policy) are available for Talk2M Pro users.

eWON is making of security issues one of its top priorities, learn more about how we secure industrial communications.

Audit Trail/Connection Reporting

eCatcher offers full visibility and traceability thanks to the connection report. This powerful IT auditing tool lets Talk2M account administrators know for each device who has been connected, when and for how long. 


Visualize all your eWON's on a map: a great feature to manage your eWON's at glance. Indeed, the geolocation provides you with a new method for an easy connection to your devices. How does it works? Available in the latest eCatcher version, this feature locates your eWON's based on their WAN connectivity. You can easily modify the location of your eWON's, do a reset, etc. You can even disable the feature!

Thanks to this you have now two ways to view and access your devices: the classic list or the geolocation map! Please note that to have access to the geolocation of your eWON's, you need to upgrade to eCatcher 6 or higher.

Discover how to set up the geolocation feature

Easy deployment

eCatcher is available in 6 different languages for an improved user experience. The setup is a MSI file that allows straightforward deployment without involving any specific IT authorization. This MSI file respects all security standards recommended by IT people.

Free VPN software

eCatcher is a free VPN client software for all Talk2M accounts, Free+ and Pro. Start with a free Talk2M account and upgrade directly from eCatcher to a Talk2M Pro account which provides some advanced configuration features, SLA, access control