Ewon’s solutions have shown that a successful remote connectivity is essential for machine builders to stay competitive and stand out with innovative services. 

On-demand Remote Access

Establish a secure VPN connection for troubleshooting and maintenance

Over the last fifteen years, the Ewon solution has helped thousands of machine builders achieve secure remote connectivity to their equipment, allowing them to provide a more efficient support to their customers and gain a competitive edge on every machine:

  • Remotely connect in a few clicks to any PLC or HMI for troubleshooting.
  • Boost operational efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Optimize engineer’s workload by avoiding unnecessary on-site visits.
  • Maximize machine uptime through.

Gain a competitive edge with Cosy

On-premises Data Monitoring

Monitor equipment performance while keeping the data local.

The Ewon Flexy is a powerful IIoT gateway capable of collecting valuable data from any PLC or sensor. This data can be used for smart historical logging, alarm notifications, or to display key information and monitor the performance of a machine. The data is kept local, helping to mitigate security concerns.

  • Read data from any PLC and buffer it internally to create quality datasets (no loss of data).
  • Be proactive by detecting anomalies and sending alarm notifications before a problem occurs.
  • Monitor the performance of remote equipment from any device, through the Talk2M live KPIs, local dashboards or the eCatcher Mobile App.
  • Easily integrate the machine data with any enterprise system (MES, SCADA) by converting it to OPC UA.

Seize new opportunities with Flexy

Data Collection for IoT Applications

Make data available for analysis and production optimization.

IoT Applications are a mission critical part of operation to unlock new services such as remote monitoring, predictive maintenance and process optimization. The Ewon IoT gateway provides multiple methods to meet the challenges of collecting valuable data from new and legacy PLC automation equipment and making data securely available to any IoT application over Internet.

  • Read data from any PLC and buffer it internally to create quality datasets (no loss of data).
  • Stream the machine data directly from the gateway to any IoT application using MQTTs, or HTTPS...
  • Or use the Talk2M APIs to efficiently retrieve smart data sets from all your machines.

Start your IIoT journey with Talk2M

Ewon is designed to support Service Managers/teams to provide quality service activities to the automation equipment across their all life span.

On-demand Remote Access = operation efficiency

On-premises Data Monitoring = additional monitoring services (starting with KPIs)

Data Collection for IoT Applications = Full IoT benefits with data mining and optimization


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