IT approved

By balancing both security and ease of use, eWON creates best-in-class remote solutions that work for both users and IT managers.

The key added-value of eWON IIoT Cloud solutions is the full integration of IT security standards. This means little or no IT changes required and gives organizations the ultimate solution to manage their remote solution needs with maximum control, visibility and security.

IT Approved

Key Advantages for Acceptance from IT Team

Firewall Friendly

eWON Remote Solutions are designed to be minimally intrusive. 

Because no incoming connections are made to the device, there is no need to change firewall settings, routing policies, open ports or add exceptions. Little to no IT involvement is required.

eWON devices initiate a VPN tunnel to our Industrial Cloud VPN Servers by making an outbound connection across the factory LAN using ports that are commonly enabled (HTTPS port 443 or UDP port 1194).


LAN Segregation - IT Approved

Your factory network is safe

eWON devices provide a segregation between WAN and the LAN machine subnet. The remote user can only reach the devices connected directly to the eWON’s LAN. The factory network cannot be accessed.
Key Switch - IT Approved

You are in control

Thanks to the use of a Key Switch or HMI Button to the eWON device’s digital input, the end user keeps full local control of whether the device is remotely accessible or not.  
Connection Audit Trail - IT Approved

Keep an eye on who is doing what

Our solutions provide traceability. A connection report is available for account administrators to see which users were connected to which devices, where and when. This report can be a valuable tool to ensure that your corporate remote solution policies are being followed. 
2 Factors Authentication - IT Approved

Add an extra layer of security

Along with the User/Password, you can add a second layer of security with a key sent by SMS that changes at each login.