Improve your productivity and reduce maintenance costs with Ewon’s IIoT solutions.  

Equip your machines with an Ewon gateway and take advantage of the Global Talk2M cloud service to manage your connectivity. For instance, remote support from your external partners.  

The data of your machines can be made available to any enterprise system, powerful remote monitoring tools allow you to keep an eye on the performance of your equipment even from a mobile device. 

Manage remote access to machines across all your factories with Ewon devices and Talk2M Pro

Reduce machine downtime by providing your external partners with a secure remote access to your automation equipment, for an immediate and effective support.

HMS_web-icon_Talk2M mature Cloud

Take control of the remote connectivity to your machines


Get IT acceptance and comply with your internal policies

HMS_web-icon_Talk2M secure infrastructure

Standardize remote connectivity across your organization

HMS_web-icon_Talk2M Worldwide coverage

Adopt a global, trusted solution backed by an international group

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IIoT Gateway for legacy and new machines

Connect your automation equipment to any IT/IoT system and take advantage of its valuable data to optimize your production. 

  • Harmonize the communication of all your PLCs by collecting their data in their native protocol, then converting it to OPC UA, to make it available to any enterprise system such as a SCADA or MES 
  • Make machines data available to IoT applications, either by collecting it through the Talk2M APIs or by sending it directly from the gateway in MQTTS or HTTPS  

Asset Monitoring from any device 

Take advantage of the power of Talk2M to monitor your assets at any time, from anywhere and from any device. 

  • Monitor the performance of your whole fleet of equipment with the Talk2M Live KPIs, and remotely access to the local dashboard or HMI of a specific machine for a more detailed view
  • Be alerted of important events & deviations through email or SMS notifications