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Remote Access Goes Green with Ship & Shore Environmental

by Julia Sheridan | May 08, 2019



Ship and Shore Environmental

Ship & Shore Environmental manufactures air pollution abatement equipment and clean air systems including Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO).

Ship & Shore Environmental has led the way in efficient capture, control, and destruction of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) generated from industrial manufacturing processes. They custom engineer, design, and supply thermal oxidizers and other pollution abatement equipment that meet regulatory requirements, as well as offer equipment maintenance and assistance to recover valuable energy for building and process needs.

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Full Success Story


The Problem

It is important to the Ship & Shore Environmental team to deliver a well-designed emission control system that meets their customers’ needs. This takes a large amount of data and awareness of how their machines are operating in the field. In 2014, Ship & Shore Environmental was introduced to the HMS product line through their long-time vendor Quantum Automation. There was an initial need for remote access to their systems located on the East Coast. Once they started using the Ewon Cosy, Ship & Shore Controls Engineers saw the value of it to their business and made it the standard solution for remote access to their units.


“With the implementation of Ewon, I was able to significantly cut down on the start-up and commissioning time of our systems in the field.”

Majid Ehtesham, Senior Controls Engineer Manager at Ship & Shore Environmental


The Solution

The Ship & Shore engineering team found that the remote access solutions provided by Ewon were quite easy to install and configure. By installing these HMS products, they are now able to remotely access customer units for troubleshooting and assessment. Their customers also receive email notifications and text message alerts whenever an alarm on their unit goes off. For many of their customers who have RTO systems in remote areas, this remote access is a great asset. Moreover, the data logging feature has been used in Ship & Shore units as a back up to the primary data logger.




Installing these remote access services allows Ship & Shore Environmental engineers to troubleshoot and assess their units without having to spend time and money on travel expenses or commissioning. In the past, if there was a critical alarm with the unit, a customer would experience long periods of down time. However, by implementing the remote access solutions, Ship & Shore engineers are now able to address any issue in less than an hour. This allows them to keep working from their local office in California and assist customers 24/7 worldwide.


Easy Implementation

Value added features and ease of configuration were among major factors for Ship & Shore Environmental to use HMS remote access services compared to other competing solutions. Ship & Shore Engineers were impressed by the painless steps it took to configure the products. As a matter of fact, their first set-up took only about 20 minutes. With some of the other solutions, they found it could take a day or more to do the same. They had very little need for outside assistance when it came to implementation, but if a question arose they found them easily though the HMS Networks website, trainings, partners and solutions team. They also appreciated that the product did not require much space in their electrical control panels. Cyber security is a major concern for Ship & Shore customers. However, reviewing the requirements for HMS remote access solutions, Ship & Shore engineers were able to work with strict IT regulations. The key in this successful integration is using HTTPS protocol and avoiding in bound communications.




Compatible with various PLC’s

The remote solutions from Ewon work out-of-the-box with all major PLC/HMI brands including Schneider Electric, Mitsubishi, Siemens, and Allen Bradley. Ship & Shore has a very flexible design which can accommodate various types of PLC and control schemes. Therefore, it was crucial for Ship & Shore Environmental to find remote access solutions, such as HMS, that are compatible with multiple PLC vendors. This enables them to work with only one system for all their projects regardless of the PLC configuration. As their business grows, they can rely on Ewons Global cloud infrastructure to grow with them.


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