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Thiele Technologies

Thiele Technologies use eWON for global remote support

Since their founding in Minnesota in the early 1930’s and late 1940’s, Bemis Packaging Machinery and Thiele Engineering have become the leading packaging automation group in the Western Hemisphere, that reputation for excellence continues today under the Thiele Technologies name with innovative, high-speed packaging systems that accurately feed, fill, close, seal, bag, place, carton, case pack, and palletize a wide range of products.
This save nearly 150 service trips to customers.
Kyle Zuber
Thiele Technologies


Thiele Technologies equipment makes use of cutting-edge automation engineering and state of the art hardware. PLCs, Human Machine Interfaces, servo systems, drives and machine vision equipment typically come together in Thiele’s designs. Supporting a global installed base of automated packaging machines can be daunting. And, Thiele Technologies’ Josh Larson is charged with the responsibility.

“Thiele Technologies is devoted to two things: keeping our customers productive and improving our employees’ quality of life. eWON and Talk2M allow us to handle a great many of our customer's issues in a short time without putting our people through the unnecessary travel. Many troubleshooting trips which used to require air travel, hotel and rental car charges can be avoided by accessing the automation equipment via the eWON device,” indicates Mr. Larson.


How it works

“We use eWON to download new revision system upgrades which improve the customer’s operation. This allows our customers to easily take advantage of new process breakthroughs without the need for an on-site visit.”

Because their customer base includes a diverse group of users, eWON allows Thiele’s support team to go well beyond the modification of intelligent devices. “Our team has developed procedures for not only troubleshooting the normal devices, but has learned how to help our clients locate mechanical and connection issues remotely. We plan to build new algorithms to monitor other machine issues in the future.”